Services Transition

RCH Coaching understands that leaving the military or uniformed services and making the transition to civilian life can be a major challenge; often the longer you have served, the harder it seems.

Why is Transition Coaching important when leaving the services?

No matter which service you are leaving, you've developed a strong uniformed ethos and adopted your identity in uniform.  When you take away the uniform, who is the real you?  This can be an uncomfortable question because, for many of you, you'll have been in a uniformed service for your whole adult life and you've never put yourself first before.

Many service leavers jump straight into A job unsure whether it is actually what they want their next career to be, primarily to give them time to experience 'civilian life' and then plan what they actually want their new life to be; ultimately, finding THE job.

Cordoned crime scene featuring British police vehicles
Leicester Fire and Rescue Service Fire Tender (Fire Truck) with hose out to takle a fire. Behind is a car and a police car.
Emergency Ambulance vehicle driving along motorway
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main battle tank stands in position to shootgerman main battle tank "leopard 2 a 6 " stands on the german military training ground

How can Services Transition Coaching help?

RCH Coaching's Services Transition Coaching will support you through the ‘uniformed to civilian’ transition process by partnering with you in a thought provoking and creative process, which will:

  • Help you REALISE your authentic self;
  • CHALLENGE you to identify and follow the career or life that ignites your passions and purpose, optimising your resettlement entitlement;
  • Empower you to find fulfilment as a veteran and live the life you want and deserve (HAPPY).

This type of coaching can be transformational, especially for those who are being medically retired from service as they are not changing careers by choice.

It’s important to highlight that our Services Transition Coaching is not a substitute for the Service- specific provision (i.e. CTP); it is there to help you make the most of it.

Imagine if you could make your first move into civilian life the right one??

RCH Coaching believes you can!!

Are you really ready for civilian life?

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