Athlete Transition

RCH Coaching understands that coming to the end of a full- time career as an elite sportsperson and making the transition to civilian life can be a major challenge; often you embark on the life of an athlete before adulthood and therefore know no different.

Why is Transition Coaching important for elite athletes?

You've developed a strong ethos and identity as a successful sportsperson regardless of whether your career was in a team sport or as an individual. You will also have benefited from a team of specialists to support you throughout your career which may no longer be available to you in the future.

So...what happens now? You will likely have many people around you trying to give you advice as to what you should do next, be it remaining in the sport or starting afresh in a new career. But, who is the real you behind that sporting identity? And, what do YOU want to do with your life next?

RCH Coaching's Athlete Transition Coaching can help.

How can Athlete Transition Coaching help?


RCH Coaching's Athlete Transition Coaching will help you through the ‘athlete to civilian’ transition process by supporting your self-discovery and empowering you to find your true direction. The Athlete Transition Coaching will:

  • Help you REALISE your authentic self;
  • CHALLENGE you to identify and follow the career or life that ignites your passions and purpose;
  • Empower you to find fulfilment and live the life you want and deserve (HAPPY).

This type of coaching can be transformational! Especially for those individuals whose sporting career has ended abruptly because of injury, illness or loss of funding, as you are not changing careers by choice. Your bespoke Athlete Transition Coaching programme can be supplemented with elements of our Wellness Coaching services as required to meet your needs and goals.

Are you really ready for civilian life?

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